C y b e r S c i e n t


SMEs are at risk now more than ever before.
Doing nothing is no longer an option.

Over the past few years there has been a significant increase in cyber crime targeted at the SME market. There are two factors contributing to this rising epidemic. First, is the rise of crypto-currencies, which has enabled anyone in the world to be paid a sum of money without being identified or held accountable (e.g. ransomware). Second, is the increased focus on security by the enterprise sector, meaning that targeting a large number of small businesses has become far more effective than attacks aimed at high-security large companies.

60% go out of business

60% of small businesses who experience a breach go out of business within 6 months.

90% due to human error

Over 90% of breaches are the result of human error. All it takes is one person clicking one wrong link.

47% target SMEs

SMEs are often the easiest targets. Almost half of all recorded cyber attacks are targeted against SMEs.

Step One: Assess your cyber security risk.

Complete the cyber risk assessment to visualize your risk and
benchmark against similar businesses.

Step Two: CyberScient - Cyber Security Framework.

Please see a list below of the categories covered in our security framework.
Each category contains professionally prepared, ready to use policy templates, actionable checklists, and vetted vendors.

Cyber Security Overview

Covering cyber security basics and base policy documents every business should have.

Information Security

Action steps to define what information is important and how that information should be handled.

Authentication Security

Steps to review and implement strong/robust authentication security for all systems and staff.

Network and WiFi Security

Actions to ensure that your networks are configured and maintained with cyber security considerations.

Email Security

Actions to ensure the company's email security is robust and defends you from the most common threats.

Software Security

Actions to ensure that software and operating systems are configured and maintained to ensure security.

Internet Security

Secure your web browsers, and implement controls to ensure safe internet usage by all staff.

Website Security

Actions to ensure the security and availability of your website environment.

Device Security

Actions to ensure that your company's devices are safe both in and out of the office.

Anti-Virus Protection

Actions to review and implement best practice endpoint protection and management.

Removable Media

Ensure that all staff have an understanding of the risks of removable media and safe behavior.

Regulatory Requirements

Actions to ensure you operate within applicable local and international privacy/security regulations.

Remote Working

Actions to ensure staff are aware of safe behavior and systems are set up correctly for remote connection.

Disaster Recovery

Actions to test and implement a robust and reliable disaster recovery system.

Incident Response

Process to ensure, that should an incident occur, you have a clear course of action to follow.

Security Awareness

Actions to address your human cyber risk and foster a cyber aware culture.

Operational Security

Actions to ensure that your operational team has resources and procedures to be cyber safe.

Policy Library

Actions to ensure you have clear, meaningful policies to address and reduce your cyber risk.

Step Three: Launch Security Awareness Program.

Keep cyber security front of mind with engaging awareness posters around the office.
Get access to an extensive collection of print-ready high definition posters.

Deliver short, engaging online training to your
team and measure their engagement and compliance over time.

90% of breaches are due to human error!

You can significantly reduce your cyber risk by providing awareness training to your team. Staff are invited to your training program via an email invitation and are sent one training course every 3 months. Staff engagement and completion is tracked and available in dashboard reporting.

Training Topics

Phishing Explained

Password Hygiene

Being Safe Online

Information Security

CEO Fraud

Social Engineering

Cyber security should be easy and accessible to everyone!

We are offering this comprehensive package of tools as we are passionate about helping all businesses lift their cyber posture. These tools are accessible for free, forever!

Health Check & Dashboard

Take our cyber health check and get a clear overlay of your cyber security risks in just a few moments.

Cyber Security Framework

Forget spending thousands on legal fees. Use our kickstarter toolkit, and custom policy templates for strong coverage that doesn't break the bank.

Security Awareness Training

Our content is short, engaging and fun! Deliver quarterly awareness training to staff, accessible on-the-go and on any device.

Dark-Web Scanning

Be notified if your email address is exposed on the dark-web. Our system will perform an identity scan on all staff email addresses to keep you safe.

Monthly Cyber News

Never be left in the dark. We will send you our monthly newsletter with information on the latest threats and info on how to stay protected.

Extensive Risk Reporting

Monitor your progress and identify areas of risk on cyber risk dashboard. Export your risk profile directly from our reporting suite for management and board reporting.